CALYPSO Collection

“Calypso” takes inspiration from the marine wildlife. It includes whimsically delightful seashell and seahorse earrings, extravagant bracelets that mimic shimmering coral reefs, and daintily bejewelled crabs grasping onto glistening jewels.

26 rezultate
Cercei Kuda
445,00 lei
Colier Mantis
435,00 lei
Cercei Mantis
450,00 lei
Cercei Camino
180,00 lei
Inel Mantis
235,00 lei
Cercei Luidia
125,00 lei 145,00 lei
Cercei Kora
235,00 lei
Brosa Crabby
295,00 lei
Inel Pacific
145,00 lei
Cercei Pacific
265,00 lei
Cercei Button
120,00 lei 215,00 lei
Cercei Skylar
310,00 lei
Bratara Keto
550,00 lei
Inel Gorgonia
175,00 lei
Cercei Sandy Clam
125,00 lei 145,00 lei