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Terms and conditions of use

Read carefully the content of this section before using the www.tria-alfa.ro website because by accessing and using the www.tria-alfa.ro website , you accept the terms and conditions displayed in this section. If you do not agree with the Terms and conditions of use of this website, you cannot access and use it, and if you do, the provisions of this section apply, without limitations and without derogations.

The terms and conditions displayed on this website can be updated at any time and adapted to the provisions of the normative acts in force, and users must check this section every time they use the website. Continuing to use the website is equivalent to accepting changes and updates.



Supplier name:


No. registration in the trade register:


Social Capital: 600 lei.

Unique Identification Code (CUI):

CUI RO12818780


Bucharest, sector 3, Drumul Intre Tarlale, no. 45 A


Mobile phone / Whatsapp: +40 771 395 069

Email: office@tria-alfa.ro


In the section "Terms and conditions of use of the website www.tria-alfa.ro" you will find the rules applicable to the conclusion of distance contracts and electronic commerce, as they are applied by the product supplier and in accordance with the normative acts in force. For the rules applicable to the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free circulation of this data, please access the "Personal data protection" section.

All images on the www.tria-alfa.ro website are for presentation purposes and may be slightly different from reality in terms of colors and manufacturing details, without the supplier being at fault. These differences may appear due to the technical means of photography (the lens of the camera) and of rendering the products (the screens of the devices with which the website is accessed, such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). The supplier will present the products in a manner as close as possible to reality, but does not guarantee the differences in color and execution details for the above reasons. The buyer has the right to return the products if he finds these differences, by completing the contract withdrawal form below.



We do not assume responsibility for damages caused to people allergic to certain dyes or certain metals contained in our products; these people must show attention and caution and not purchase products that contain allergenic components.




4.1. The scope of the Terms and Conditions

The products sold through the www.tria-alfa.ro website are intended exclusively for consumers, as defined by the legislation in force.

The terms and conditions described in this section are applicable to all sales contracts concluded through the online store available on www.tria-alfa.ro, between


(hereinafter referred to as "Seller" or "Supplier") and consumer (hereinafter referred to as "Buyer").

The sales-purchase contracts of products on the website www.tria-alfa.ro are subject to the Terms and Conditions from the date of conclusion of the contract. Any provisions contrary to the Terms and Conditions valid on the date of the conclusion of the contract will not produce their effects, even if they are known to the parties, except for the situation where their application is mandatory by law or explicitly agreed in writing.


4.2. Prior information

The purchase of products on the www.tria-alfa.ro website will begin by accessing the "Add to basket" button related to each product, after which, depending on what you want next, you will access the "Continue shopping" button, "Update the basket" , "Empty the shopping basket" or "Finalize the order" , following the requested steps in their sequence.

To have a history of your orders available, you can register on the website www.tria-alfa.ro , by accessing the "Register" button. Later, whenever you log into your account by pressing the "Log in" button, you will have access to the order history and account contact details, which you will be able to modify when they are no longer current.

Any error in entering personal data can be corrected by accessing the "Authenticate" button. In the event that the order has already been placed based on erroneous or no longer current data, you must send, within 24 hours after placing the order, an e-mail to the electronic mail address office@tria-alfa .ro , through which you will indicate the correct contact/delivery data. Otherwise, SC TRIA ALFA BIJUTERII SRL does not assume any responsibility for the incorrect provision of the delivery data of the ordered products.

The contract for the sale and purchase of products on the website www.tria-alfa.ro will be considered concluded between the Seller and the Buyer on the date of accessing the "Submit order" button, followed by the transmission of the order confirmation e-mail by e-mail , to the e-mail address indicated by the Buyer, without the need for the seller and buyer to sign an ad-probationem in the sense of the Civil Code.

The Seller is not held responsible for the indication by the Buyer of incorrect or partially unreal contact data or contact data of a person other than the Buyer, if these are not rectified within 24 hours as shown above, and if these erroneous data caused the Buyer not to receive the order confirmation email.

The sale/purchase of products by the seller is governed by Law no. 365/2002 regarding electronic commerce, OG no. 34/2014 regarding the rights of consumers within the contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for the modification and completion of some normative acts, OG no. 21/1992 regarding consumer protection, GEO no. 49/2009 regarding the freedom of establishment of service providers and the freedom to provide services in Romania and any normative acts with imperative provisions that regulate the activity of the Seller.


4.3. Conclusion of the contract

The Seller has the right to limit the order to a quantity considered usual in commercial practice, when his reasonable assumption is that the person who placed the order is not a Consumer within the meaning of the law.

After entering all the data of the order and before completing it, the Buyer will be presented with a list of all the ordered products and will be given the opportunity to correct any errors made when entering the data.

After placing the order, its content will be saved by the Seller and will be sent by email to the buyer.

The contract will be considered concluded at the moment of confirmation, on a durable medium, by the professional of the acceptance of the order sent by the Buyer.


4.4. Prices, terms of payment and means of payment

The price offered at the time of placing the order is the firm price, applicable between the parties to the distance contract, and includes VAT. The seller does not include in the price of the product any customs tax and any other import or transport tax, these are the responsibility of the buyer.

In the case of special offers, the price offered will be limited to the terms of the special offer as they will be visibly mentioned on the website.

The additional costs that will be added to the price of the products (such as delivery costs) will be displayed separately and visibly before the finalization of the order.

The accepted means of payment are: bank transfer, cash deposit in the Seller's bank account at the bank counter and cash payment (refund on delivery).

In the case of payments by credit card, bank card or bank transfer, the payment will be made simultaneously with the completion of the order. For account payments by presentation at bank counters, the buyer must pay the invoice and send proof of payment within 5 calendar days from the date of placing the order and issuing the invoice.

After this period, if he has not received the payment, the seller is entitled to cancel the invoice and the order. If the buyer will, however, pay the cost of the products after the above 5-day deadline, the seller will reconfirm the order (which was initially cancelled) and will let the buyer know if he still has the requested products in stock. If the previously ordered products are no longer in stock, the Seller will inform the Buyer that he has the possibility to choose other products at an equivalent price or to have his money returned. The buyer is obliged to communicate his option within a maximum of 5 calendar days, after which the seller will confirm the receipt of the order or the request for the return of the money and will proceed accordingly.


4.5. Risk bearing

In the case of contracts in which the Seller delivers the products to the Buyer, the risk of loss or damage to the products is transferred to the Buyer when he or a third party designated by him, other than the carrier, takes physical possession of the products. However, the risk is transferred to the Buyer at the time of delivery of the products to the carrier, if the carrier was commissioned by the Buyer to transport the products, and this option was not offered by the Seller, without prejudice to the rights of the Buyer vis-à-vis the Seller.

The delivered products remain the property of the Seller until full payment of the purchase price, and the Buyer must treat the products with care and diligence.


4.6. Delivery and shipping charges

The seller delivers the products as follows :

FAN COURIER - Romania shipments - (BUCHAREST AND MAIN CITIES IN THE COUNTRY) 23.00 lei; for neighboring towns where there are Km outside the Fan Courier offices, the transport fee will be calculated by the carrier and later sent to the customer through the Seller, before the processing and delivery of the order. (Note: we do not offer the option of opening the package upon delivery for orders placed on our website). For deliveries that are kilometers outside the Fan Courier offices, the Seller reserves the right to ask the Buyer to pay for the order by bank transfer, excluding the cash on delivery option, and the cost of transport, regardless of the value of the order, falls to the Buyer.

DHL - external shipments - the transport cost is 225 lei (zones 1-4) or depending on the destination and the weight of the package. Payment for external orders is made exclusively by online card or bank transfer, the cash on delivery option is not available.

According to GEO 34/2014, if the seller cannot deliver the good because it is not available, he must inform the buyer about this unavailability.

Shipping costs are indicated before confirming the order and are separate from the price of the products.

If the products cannot be delivered for any reason for which the Seller is not responsible (example: the Buyer indicated a wrong address, etc.), additional delivery costs will be added. In this case, the Buyer bears the additional costs of returning the products from the wrong address and shipping the products according to the correct data and cannot obtain compensation for the delay in delivery caused by his fault. This does not apply in the case of withdrawal from the contract, according to the provision below.

The products presented on the website are delivered at the Buyer's request , within a maximum of 3 working days, and if the products are not in stock, the term can be extended up to 30 calendar days, the Seller notifying the Buyer of the lack of availability in stock and the possibility of delivery within a term of up to 30 calendar days . The displayed prices may be changed periodically. We do not guarantee availability in stock of promotional products. Promotions can be interrupted or canceled at any time without any prior notice.

The delivery term starts from the moment the buyer receives the confirmation of his order. If within 2 days of placing the order, the Buyer does not confirm by phone/email/SMS, the production and delivery of the respective order will be cancelled.

The Seller reserves the right to exclude the refund payment method to customers who refused / did not receive orders without notifying the Seller in advance of the intention to cancel, in this situation only payments by bank transfer or online card are optional. Also, for orders with a value over 1000 lei, the seller reserves the right to request payment by bank transfer or online card, excluding the cash on delivery option.



The Seller is responsible to the Buyer for any lack of conformity existing at the time when the products were delivered.

The warranty period is 6 months from the date of delivery of the product. After the expiration of this term, Buyers can claim the remedy or replacement of products that cannot be used for the purpose for which they were made as a result of hidden defects that appeared within the average duration of use, under the law.

The average duration of use of the products sold on the website www.tria-alfa.ro is 6 months.

The buyer must inform the seller about the lack of conformity within two months from the date on which he found it. Until proven otherwise, the lack of conformity occurring within 6 months from the delivery of the product is presumed to have existed at the time of its delivery, except in cases where the presumption is incompatible with the nature of the product or the lack of conformity.

The buyer has the obligation to return the defective product/products, exclusively through the courier company with which they were delivered by the Seller, to SC TRIA ALFA BIJUTERII SRL, at the address: Strada Drumul Intre Tarlale no. 45A Bucharest, sector 3. POSTAL CODE 032982

The buyer will return the defective product/products with the identification elements intact (serial number/label, seals), together with the related accessories, in the condition in which they were received by the buyer, together with a copy of the tax invoice, in any packaging of the nature of ensure the safe transport of the product/products (without the need to keep the original packaging). If the products arrive at the Seller incomplete or in a different state than the one in which they were sent by the Seller, as a result of the Buyer's negligence and without the requested documents, the guarantee will not be resolved.

In case of non-conformity of the products, the Buyer has the right:

i) to request the Seller to bring the product into compliance, without payment, by repair or replacement , under the following conditions:

- in case of lack of conformity , the Buyer has the right to ask the Seller first of all to repair the product or has the right to request the replacement of the product, in each case without payment, except for the situation in which the measure is disproportionate or impossible . A remedial measure will be considered disproportionate , if it imposes costs on the Seller that are unreasonable compared to the other remedial measure, taking into account: the value that the products would have had if there had been no lack of conformity; the importance of non-compliance; if the other remedial measure could be carried out without a significant inconvenience for the Buyer. A remedial measure will be considered impossible if the Seller cannot provide identical products for replacement or spare parts for repair, including as a result of the lack of related equipment or technology.

- any repair or replacement of the products will be done within a period of time, established by mutual agreement, in writing, between the Seller and the Buyer, taking into account the nature of the products and the purpose for which he requested the products. The established time period cannot exceed 15 calendar days from the date on which the Buyer, as the case may be, brought the lack of conformity of the product to the attention of the Seller or handed over the product to the Seller or to the person designated by him on the basis of a handover-handover document.

- if the product is repaired, only new parts will be installed in it.

- The seller has the same obligations for the replaced product as for the initially sold product.

- the notion without payment refers to all the costs necessary to bring the products into compliance, including the costs of postage, transport, handling, diagnostics, expertise, disassembly, assembly, labor, materials used and packaging.

ii) to benefit from the corresponding price reduction or the resolution of the contract regarding this product , under the following conditions:

- The buyer can request a corresponding reduction in the price or the termination of the contract in any of the following cases: if he does not benefit from either the repair or the replacement of the product; if the seller did not take remedial measures within a reasonable period of time; if the Seller has not taken remedial measures, within 15 calendar days from the date on which the buyer, as the case may be, informed the seller of the lack of conformity of the product or handed over the product to the seller or to the person designated by him based on a handover document - collection, without significant inconvenience for the Buyer.

- The buyer is not entitled to request the termination of the contract, if the lack of conformity is minor.

If none of the above options is possible, the customer will be reimbursed the value of the product, through a bank account payment order.

The payment of the transport for the products sent (round-trip) in order to resolve the warranty falls under the Buyer's responsibility only if it is found that the defect reported by the customer is not a warranty problem, but a result of an inappropriate use of the product.

The warranty refers exclusively to manufacturing defects and does not cover defects resulting from improper use of the product or wear and tear. Products with physical defects such as: bumps, cracks, chips, burnt or cracked components/parts, etc., damaged, removed or modified warranty labels or seals, products used in inappropriate conditions, such as exposure to various substances, are not covered by the warranty. based on alcohol, water, moisture or any kind of liquids, subjecting to large variations in temperature and pressure, mechanical shocks, incorrect handling, using the products in conditions of humidity, dust, noxious or under the action of chemical substances, etc., mechanical intervention or plastic on products etc.

Any other complaint received from the Buyer will be resolved by the Seller in the shortest possible time, but which will not exceed 30 calendar days. The seller will make the necessary efforts to identify a satisfactory solution.


Plating of base metal jewelry with 24k gold, rhodium or silver 1000: it is done by electroplating a non-precious base metal, namely tin (100%), with a 1 micron gold/silver/rhodium precious metal layer.

After intensive wear, the gold and silver coatings will disappear over time or will patina (the case of pure silver 1000 which oxidizes/yellows naturally) necessitating the repetition of technical plating procedures. Rhodium plating is the most resistant and stable over time, but it does not completely exclude the ones mentioned above.

To best protect and extend the life of your jewelry, it is necessary to follow the recommendations below:

a. We recommend you to protect the jewelry from shocks, to gently open bracelets, earrings, necklaces, chains, etc.

b. Jewelery must be taken off before sleeping/showering/swimming, before washing the dishes or before other similar activities in which the jewelery would come into contact with water, detergents, cosmetic and chemical or corrosive products, in order to avoid detaching the mounts (stones semi-precious stones, crystals, beads), the wear of metal parts or those containing other materials, and in order not to change their color and not to damage the layer of precious metal on the surface.

c. Gold-plated/ silver-plated/ rhodium-plated/ copper-plated jewelry loses its luster and even deposits of precious metal if it comes into direct contact with sprays, cosmetics, petrochemical products, thinners or solvents!

d. Organic materials (pearls, coral, shells, mother-of-pearl, semi-precious stones) as well as products that are enameled (with acrylic paint, epoxy resin or cold enamel) are sensitive to cosmetics, petrochemical products, alcohol, solvents/ diluents/solvents!

e. The necklaces will not be worn while sleeping, to avoid damage or injury.

f. The jewelry shall not be worn during physical activities of contact or that result in profuse sweating, in order to avoid scratching the surface layer, ungluing the parts or removing the surface layer of the jewelry.

g. To take care of the jewelry and preserve its shine, we recommend you to use a soft cloth, special for cleaning them and in no case use solvents or chemicals. DO NOT rub! Also, do not use perfume, creams or fixing spray in the vicinity of jewelry.

h. Do not glue the crystals and fallen components with "drip" or any other type of adhesive. otherwise, the jewelry loses its warranty and cannot be recovered by reconditioning.

i. Do not keep jewelry in the open air in a humid environment, in cardboard boxes, paper or wooden bags - wood, oak in particular, contains an acid that accelerates its yellowing, but only in cotton bags, individually, at dry place. They are transported only in the related jewelry box.

j. For jewelry models decorated with crystals, glass pearls, Murano glass), in the event of their falling, the manufacturer or, as the case may be, the seller will replace them within a reasonable time, only in situations where this is not attributable to the buyer.

k. According to law 449/2003, art. 11 paragraph 2, the buyer cannot ask for the replacement of the jewel due to the falling/breaking of the crystals/pearls or the breaking of the Murano glass beads.

Refurbishment of jewelry is done free of charge within 6 months only if the points above have been respected.

Service repairs for cases not included in this warranty will be billed to the buyer.

The guarantee does not include the damage caused to the jewelry due to non-observance of the indications from point 1 (precautions and useful information), accidents, negligence, its improper use or other factors not related to material or workmanship defects.

No guarantee is offered in the case of allergic people (brass, copper, tin, 9k gold, silver below 950) or with other skin conditions, and we do not encourage the wearing of this type of jewelry by people with sensitivities.



Buyer's rights and Seller's obligations

The buyer benefits from a period of 14 calendar days to withdraw from the contract concluded at a distance by purchasing products from the website www.tria-alfa.ro , without having to justify the withdrawal decision. The 14-day period begins to run from the day the Buyer or a third party, other than the carrier and indicated by the Buyer, takes physical possession of the products, in the case of sales contracts, or:

(i) if the Buyer orders multiple products in a single order that will be delivered separately, the day on which the Buyer or a third party, other than the carrier and indicated by the Buyer, takes physical possession of the last product;

(ii) in the case of the delivery of a product consisting of several lots or pieces, the day on which the Buyer or a third party, other than the carrier and indicated by the Buyer, takes physical possession of the last product or the last piece;

(iii) in the case of contracts for the periodic delivery of products for a specified period of time, the day on which the Buyer or a third party, other than the carrier and indicated by the Buyer, takes physical possession of the first product;

The Buyer will return the product/products with the identification elements intact (serial number, logo, seals), together with the related accessories, in the condition in which they were received by the Buyer, together with a copy of the tax invoice, in any packaging to ensure the transport the product/products safely (without the need to keep the original packaging).

(the return of the jewelry without the jewelry box in which it was originally shipped or the receipt of the damaged/worn jewelry box, presupposes the invoicing of a cost of 25 lei/box to the customer) .

If the products reach the Seller incomplete or in a different state than the one in which they were sent by the Seller, as a result of the Buyer's negligence and without the requested documents, the products will not be received by the Seller.

The removal and eventual reattachment of the accompanying seal on the jewelry automatically assumes that the product has been worn, therefore it will be mandatory reconditioned / repaired / sanitized (if it will still be possible), subject to the refund conditions for the returned product(s) those mentioned above. The minimum reconditioning fee is 50 lei/product ( includes the cost of the seal and the resanitization/reconditioning of the earrings ), but it is calculated depending on the condition of the product upon return and the technical repair/reconditioning procedures necessary to bring it back to its initial state from the time of delivery).

The buyer is obliged to inform the professional about his decision to withdraw from the contract before the expiry of the withdrawal period. For this purpose, the Buyer can choose one of the following options:

a) to use the withdrawal form model provided below;

b) to make any other unequivocal declaration in which he expresses his decision to withdraw from the contract, to the e-mail address office@tria-alfa.ro or

It is considered that the Buyer has exercised his right of withdrawal within the withdrawal period of 14 calendar days if the communication regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal is sent by the Buyer before the expiry of this period, to the following addressee:


J40/2496 /2000

CUI RO12818780

Road Road Between Tarlale no. 45A

Bucharest, sector 3. POSTAL CODE 032982

The Seller will reimburse all the amounts received as payment from the Buyer representing the counter value of the purchased product/products, without undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 days from the date on which he is informed of the withdrawal decision. The seller will refund the mentioned amounts using the payment method - bank transfer.

With the exception of the case where the Seller has offered to recover the products himself, in the case of sales contracts, the professional can postpone the reimbursement until the date of receipt of the products that were the subject of the sale or until the moment of receipt of proof from the Buyer that he has sent the products to the Seller, considering the nearest date.


Seller's rights and Buyer's obligations

With the exception of the case where the Seller has offered to recover the products himself, the Buyer returns the products or hands them over to the Seller or a person authorized by a professional to receive the products, without undue delay and within no more than 14 calendar days. The term is respected if the products are sent back by the Buyer before the expiration of the 14-day period. The Buyer bears only the direct costs related to the return of the products, unless the Seller agrees to bear those costs or the Seller has not informed the Buyer that these costs must be borne by the Buyer.

The buyer will have to bear the cost of returning the products in case of withdrawal. This obligation is also valid in the event that the products, by their very nature, cannot normally be returned by post.

The buyer is responsible for the reduction in the value of the products resulting from their handling, other than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products. The decrease in the value of the products must not be a disincentive for the Buyer to exercise his right of withdrawal. Regardless of the situation, the Buyer is not responsible for reducing the value of the products if the Seller failed to inform him about the right of withdrawal.

The Buyer's right of withdrawal from the contract cannot be exercised in the case of the supply of products made according to the specifications presented by the Buyer or clearly customized for him.


Click here for the return form http://www.tria-alfa.ro/retur/



The responsibility of the Seller and the Buyer (example - for delay in delivery or non-delivery, product return, payment) is removed when the impediment is caused by force majeure or fortuitous event, provided that these exceptional events are brought to the attention of the other party in within one day from the date of termination, or if the force majeure and fortuitous event lasts more than 5 days, on the 6th day.

Force majeure is any external, unpredictable, absolutely invincible and unavoidable event. The following are considered causes of force majeure: war, revolution, fire, natural calamities (eg floods, earthquakes), strike of transporters/airport workers, etc.

A fortuitous case is an event that cannot be predicted or prevented by the person who would have been called to answer if the event had not occurred.

If one of the parties is exempted from contractual liability for a fortuitous case, it is also exempted in case of force majeure.



Disputes and disputes arising from the distance contractual relationship concluded between the Seller and the Buyer will be governed by Romanian law, the competence of resolution belonging to the courts of common law.



The www.tria-alfa.ro website may contain links to other websites owned or operated by independent third parties. These links are either provided by the Seller for help and reference, or they use automatic search results to connect you to websites that contain information similar to what you searched for previously.

The seller does not control these sites and therefore cannot be held responsible for any content posted on these sites. The appearance of these links should not be interpreted in any case as an approval, authorization or guarantee on the part of SC TRIA ALFA BIJUTERII SRL for that site or its content.

If these links lead to websites that contain information that can be considered inappropriate or offensive, SC TRIA ALFA BIJUTERII SRL will not be held responsible for the accuracy or legality of their content, nor for possible violations of property rights intellectual.

The transactions that take place between the Buyer and any third party as a result of accessing these links will produce their effects exclusively between the Buyer and the third party, SC TRIA ALFA BIJUTERII SRL not being able to be held responsible for possible conflicts arising from these conflicts.



The content of this section will be interpreted in the sense in which they can produce effects, and not in the sense in which they could not produce any.

The provisions of this section entitled "Terms and conditions of use of the website www.tria-alfa.ro " which are intended to exemplify or remove any doubt about their application to a particular case do not restrict the application in other cases that have not been expressly provided.

Terms and conditions susceptible to multiple meanings are interpreted in the sense that best suits the nature and purpose of the contract.

The terms and conditions are interpreted one by one, giving each the meaning resulting from the entire contract.

If one or more provisions of the General Terms and Conditions are or become completely or partially null, void or contrary to the law as a result of changes in normative acts, this/they will not affect the validity of the other provisions. In this case, the completely or partially void, expired, illegal provision will be replaced, in accordance with the common agreement of the parties or with the amended legal provision, by a valid provision that comes as close as possible to the purpose pursued by the complete or partial provision void, void or contrary to law.



The content of this site including, but not limited to: descriptions (text), graphics, static or dynamic images (video), features, prices, form of presentation, web-design, brands, unregistered logos, etc. is protected by intellectual property rights and cannot be used in any way, in the ways described by the normative acts that regulate copyright, trademarks and geographical indications, designs and models, topographies of semiconductor products, utility models, patents, without the written consent of the owner of the website www.tria-alfa.ro



National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC)

Consumer phone number: 0219551

Headquarters: Bucharest, Aviatorilor Boulevard no. 72, sector 1, postal code 011865

Link for submitting a complaint form:






*This form is sent back completed only if you want to withdraw from the contract.




CUI RO12818780


Road Road Between Tarlale no. 45A

Bucharest Sect 3, POSTAL CODE 0 32982

Mobile phone / whatsapp: +40 771 395 069

Email: office@tria-alfa.ro


** The request below is sent by e-mail to the address office@tria-alfa.ro , signature is not required.


I hereby inform you of my withdrawal from the contract in question

for the sale of the following products:


order number/ no. invoice ……………………. received on ……………………..


Buyer Name: ……………………………………………………………….

Buyer's address: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………..

IBAN account and Buyer's bank : ............................................. ................................

Buyer's signature:** ……………………………………………….


Date: ……………………………….